Hi, my name is Virginia and I am here to share your oyster stories.

Why? For $3.00 per oyster at a restaurant, what do you receive as a consumer? You'll get a list full of names to choose from (often at random), and if you're lucky, the server will tell you the flavor to expect. "Briny," they'll say. "Meaty", "Lemony", "Sweet"... 

But do you know how oysters are farmed? Where they come from? What makes each variety unique?

Who are all the passionate hands behind them, growing and nurturing them, culling them, harvesting them, delivering them, and shucking them for your plate?

I am here to tell the oyster story - your stories - through every farmer, oyster bar, industry enthusiast, and my own adventures. 

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About Virginia

I was born on the Eastern Shore in Maryland, and grew up in that beautiful, porous state for most of my life. My journey loving seafood started at a young age, where mom, on her way home, would pick up a jar of shucked oysters from the local diner, or some cream of crab from the pub, or the luxurious bushel from the side of the highway. Those memories remind me that the seafood culture is not only about the delicious flavors of the ocean, but the connection with others... The long chats with friends and family, and the delayed gratification of shucking or picking that delivers such little meat, but a sweet, sweet return of satisfaction. 

Now living in Boston, a town full of enthusiastic seafood lovers and industry connoisseurs, I found that there was an opportunity to connect oyster consumers with their producers, and the immense amount of effort behind the scenes. My own personal journey interweaves into this narrative to give tribute to the morsels I love so dearly. 

To the Oysters: thank you for giving us humans the chance to truly sip the sea.