Oyster Farms are featured in alphabetical order.

Effingham Oyster Farm

"... It was like I was drawn to the place."

Fat Baby Oysters

"Wild caught, diver oysters that scream with attitude."

Glidden Point Oysters

"We do as much as we can by hand so we can get an eye and feel on the product. "

Grey Lady Oysters

“… science, hard work, and a little OCD…”

Grouin Oysters

Ile de re, France

Long Cove Sea Farm

"I can't imagine a better work situation than being out on the water, working with my hands."

Moon Shoal Oysters

"It's hard work, but the best kind of hard."

Moyasta Oysters

“The greatest thing is to be able to get out on our farm in the open bay, and really appreciate the nature around us.”

Mystic Oysters

"I don't think I would have ever been as happy doing anything else."

Nonesuch Oysters

"I am an accidental oyster farmer."

Olympic Oyster Co.

We are very proud to be a part of the long history of oyster farming in our state and are overjoyed to be able to share our little slice of paradise .””

Onliest Oyster Company

"Doing something related to the history and heritage of our family and ties to the Chesapeake fulfills me."

Orchard Point Oysters

“To align my career with something that benefits [the rivers], is a dream come true. ”

Otter Cove Farms

“My aim is to get an oyster as closeto ‘organic’ as possible.”

Oyster Boss

“I’m perfectly at home. Now I get to participate in the industry and not only that, but with my own son. “

Puffer's Wellfleet

"When I’m out on the tide, I feel very connected to it."

Sandbar Oyster Co.

"We want to try to get a lot of plastics and pollution out of the water and grow reefs that mimic natural reefs."

Sloop Point Oyster Farms

"The special combination of a high salinity, nutrient rich plankton and growing conditions results in a sweeter, more flavorful oyster. "

Stella Mar Oysters

"Our 'low impact' process allows us to farm while also delivering a 'high impact' back to the environment."