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Bar Harbor Blondes By the Seashore

Bar Harbor Blondes By the Seashore

These beautiful “Blondes” are Bar Harbor Oyster Co.’s signature delights and they are divine. During our stay in Acadia National Park in August, Warwick and I found ourselves craving as many lobsters and oysters as we could find. I soon discovered that I was following in The Briny Babe’s footsteps, who featured Joanna’s story! You will have to read the full scoop there because, well, Joanna is a Queen.⁣

I reached out to Joanna to find out where to pick up some morsels, and she pointed me to her honor-system shop, which was not even five minutes away from our campsite. We took two dozen with us over to Hadley’s Point, a seemingly near-stone’s throw from the farm, bottle of Rosé in hand.⁣

From a coastline of marshy wetlands to a perfect clash of chilly ocean water, you could taste how happily fed these oysters were. In fact, most of them had little “pot bellies,” firm and full from their decadent feasts! Their plump texture was a firm bite, but softened to a fatty, savory, foie gras-like consistency. The cherry on top was the adductor, which was as sweet as could be to tee up the Provençal finish! ⁣Every oyster gave us a true sense of place and we felt that were right where we should be.

We finished all 24 of them just moments before a massive storm ripped through and rained us out. But not before chasing Toby around the beach, hobbling over mussel beds and slippery rocks to try and pry smelly crab legs from his snout. What an afternoon in Acadia.

Toby loves oysters, too.

The gorgeous colors of Bar Harbor Blondes.

Bar Harbor Blondes are in their sense of place.