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Go ALL IN on the Oysters at High Roller Lobster Co.

Go ALL IN on the Oysters at High Roller Lobster Co.

How do you describe that feeling when you’re served the perfect shuck? … ⁣⁣

For me, this might be sunshine ️ *bleeping* rainbows!

Jake, a.k.a. “The Oystah Guy” at High Roller Lobster Co. is setting the bar VERY high when it comes to the shuck, and it’s important to promote this kind of exceptional experience. Seeing shuck perfection at raw bars is a tribute to the oysters themselves, especially for these Maine all-stars like Love Point Oysters, Brinestone Oysters, and Winnegance Oysters.

This oyster selection also represents a thoughtful array of location. Casco Bay, New Meadows River, and Winnegance Bay surround the beautiful archipelago of Maine’s shard-like coastline, just north of Portland. This is a true “pride of place.”⁣⁣

High Roller Lobster Co. should be on your Portland bucket list. The red energy is real, the service is excellent, and as you can imagine, the lobster is never better.

Oysters Shucked to Perfection at High Roller Lobster Co.

Love Points, Brine Stone Oysters, and Winnegance Oysters.

There’s so much tolove.