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Chunus and Misty Points | The Two Finest “Oyster Sisters” on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Chunus and Misty Points | The Two Finest “Oyster Sisters” on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Life on the Delmarva’s Eastern Shore is an odiferous mix of marsh and sea. The peninsula’s beaches, seagrass, and permeable wetlands surround every part of human life, and its green murky hues stretch as far as the eye can see. Born in Easton, Maryland, I spent my youngest years growing up on “The Shore,” which became an endless lesson in natural science and ecological wonder. Finding my way back into oysters as an adult seemed fitting, like a return to childhood adventure.

Cherrystone Aqua-Farms reminds me of all things special about The Shore. Their operations are nestled in a vast archipelago of coastal wilderness. The Eastern Shore’s southernmost region in Virginia is a shallow landscape featuring barrier islands, marshlands, and mudflats that are home to thousands of acres of wildlife refuge. It delivers a selection of world-class oysters that are refreshing, honest, and carefully brewed in a nearly untouched preserve.

A delicious bag of Chunus at sunset.

Bubba Frisby: Farmer of the Misty Points and Chunus. Source: Cherrystone Aqua-Farms.

The Farmer

Their oyster program is managed by Bubba Frisby, a man who knew how to tumble oysters so well, Island Creek’s oyster team in Duxbury, Massachusetts, dedicated a tumbler in his honor! Bubba was born and raised in Oyster, Virginia, a small seaside village on the Eastern Shore. From Field Crew to Field Operations Manager, Bubba has over 20 years of clam and oyster experience. He’s a well-loved family man, community guy, and an active member of his local volunteer fire department.

Two Sisters: The Younger and the Wise

Cherrystone has a handful of oyster product lines, but their “sister” pair, the Chunus and the Misty Points, are two crowd favorites. Though the husbandry is the same, Misty’s have had more time to tumble in the tides and soak up the Shore’s most luscious lagoons.

A moody Misty Point.

The Chunus, Misty’s younger version, are “nostalgia by the sea” in a single bite. They’re a petite oyster with a zesty, bright appeal that originates from a pure ocean tide. Chunus are grown in floating cages across a handful of aquaculture leases on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. It’s a teacup oyster —a perfect morsel for the discerning oyster lover.

A freshly shucked Chunu oyster.

Flavor Profiles

A Chunu is the virginica version of a Kumi: petite, deep-cupped, fleshy, and packed with flavor. Their intense brine hits the front of the palate, followed by an herbaceous, green tea profile with subtle hints of sweetness.

Misty Points, the older sisters, are a perfect meat-to-shell ratio and uniformity. Wading in the waters longer than the Chunu, Misty Points deliver a high brine yet a buttery, smooth finish. These hearty gals have the sweetest adductors that linger on your palate like the tannins in wine.

Misty Point Oysters and Fall – perfection!

Serving Misty Points.

Shucking Chunus & Misty Points

Shucking both oysters is a dream, and a testament to their topiary consistency, shell hardiness, and size. I knocked out a dozen of each in about 15 minutes in between a lot of chat (and I’m a slow shucker!), which kept a crowd full of oyster lovers satiated for about… two minutes. The oysters flew off their shells and a friend proclaimed their Chunu was the best oyster they’d ever tasted, then begged me for another round.

Trying to get those shucks in before they’re all eaten!

Try Them Yourself!

Be THAT friend who brings the oysters to the party. You can purchase Chunus and Misty Points directly on Cherrystone Aqua-Farms’ online shop, which ships out on the same day Monday through Friday and delivers straight to your door.