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Oyster Love in a Book – Join Our Journey!

Oyster Love in a Book – Join Our Journey!

I am excited (and a little terrified) to share with you all that I will be exploring book publication in 2021. The intention is to celebrate the oyster industry’s most passionate and talented people in a new medium for Lady Oyster. With four years of oyster stories, I’m off to a great start.

“Why oysters?” is the question I’m asking every person between the pages in this book. With chapters featuring farmers (+ related businesses), shuckers, raw bars, and artisans, it will illustrate our relationship to oysters and how they inspire our purpose as people.

To be successful, I’d like to measure your interest as a community. Would you like another riveting coffee table read in your collection? Would these short stories and narratives of people inspire you? What content are you most interested in? If you’re in the industry, would you like to be a part of it?

I’d like to invite you to follow the journey and help me gauge interest. I’ve created a landing page (click here) where you can provide your email to receive updates, request to be featured, or join my content focus group!

I look forward to your feedback and starting 2021 with a bang!