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Lady Oyster’s 2020 Oyster Lover Gift Guide

Lady Oyster’s 2020 Oyster Lover Gift Guide

We’ve been looking forward to the end of the year, ALL year … am I right? 2020 hasn’t been a walk in the park, but the holidays do end things on a high note!

Aside from the joyous occasion to eat oysters, I collect a running list of items that I’ve either picked up this year or put on my wishlist. As an oyster nerd who celebrates the swag as much as the experience, here are a few of my favorite finds in 2020.

The gallery here highlights the artists or vendors, but I’ve also linked their websites below for easy shopping. Enjoy your holidays – stay healthy, happy, and warm! – Virginia

Links to Gallery Showcase items:

White Cotton Crafts: Wreaths and decorative oysters crafts on their Etsy shop!

Tin Seafood Tray: World Market offers your classic oyster tray for half shell.

Patrician Antiques: Reach out to her on Instagram regarding the oyster plates available.

Amy Johnson Creative: Seafood inspired metal camping mugs

Oyster Candle Company: Lilly’s Shells oyster candle brings color to the room in 13 different scents.

ARTichoke Shop: Oyster tees and witty apparel.

The OFYR Grill: Where art meets function for open fire entertaining.

Island Creek Oyster Swag: Cool vintage-inspired oyster tees.

Mosaic Shell Ring Holder: You can order these handmade ring holders from Neatly Nested’s online shop.

Dog Oyster Collars: Shop Wellfleet Marine Retail for something coastal for your canine!

Toadfish Shucker Bundles: Quality kits for your friends who love to shuck.

Kraken Oyster Grip: For those who love to shuck, but want to do it safely at home!

The Oyster Bag: Handmade by a farmer for the girl on the go!

Bump Ahead Caviar Spoon: East Boston Oysters has all the caviar, oyster-loving hits in their shop.

Handmade oyster napkins and caviar earrings: Chefanie’s shop is a whole vibe with super fun gifts.

Coton Colors Oyster Plates: These modern and whimsical oyster plates are the perfect shape for deep cupped oysters!

Old Line Oysters Custom Monogram Shells: A personal favorite stocking stuffer!

Molly Reeder Art: One of my favorite artist finds this year with elegant oyster prints.

Swanky Shells: Gorgeously designed oyster shells for any occasion.

Low Tides Design: Handmade oyster earrings that are light to wear and intricately designed.

Bobcat Jones Earrings: Maine’s oyster shells turned into feathery, dangly creations.

Three Threads Shop: Artwork and stemware designed by the talented Sallie Bynum Anzelmo.

Chesapeake Designs Belt Buckles: Handmade belt buckles inspired by crassostrea virginicas!

Proud Pour Wine: Sauvignon Blanc that saves the ocean by restoring wild oyster reefs with every purchase.

Wine Oyster Stoppers: Handmade by Noelle Frame of Shuck and Shine Designs, you can reach out to her directly on Instagram to purchase!

Hama Hama Oyster Hip Pack: Perfect for your social butterfly friend who wants to liberate themselves from behind the bar!


The New England Kitchen Cookbook by Jeremy Sewall and Erin Byers Murray

The Essential Oyster by Rowan Jacobsen

Oyster Isles by Bobby Groves

The Hog Island Oyster Lover’s Cookbook by Jairemarie Pomo

The Oyster Companion by Patrick McMurray

OYSTER by Drew Smith

Gulf Coast Oysters by Irv Miller

The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky

OYSTERS, A Celebration in the Raw by Jeremy Sewall and Marion Lear Swaybill