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Saltie, it’s a Way of Life

Saltie, it’s a Way of Life

If I could describe Saltie Girl in the form of a gem, it would be the little emerald of oyster bars. As petite as it is, Saltie Girl compensates with a large personality.

It’s the little things… I can’t get my mind off the bar that’s coiled in teal tiles, embodying its logo’s sultry mermaid tail. At the bar’s corner, the seats are attached and swing out like fins for seating, which are really entertaining to swivel on but also a brilliant use of tight space. The wall behind the bar seemingly sparkles in Spanish tile, tinned seafood and colorful cocktail garnishes. It’s cozy, fresh, chic and splendid.

Kathy Sidell, President of the MET Restaurant Group, proclaims on the website that “Saltie” isn’t a flavor profile, “it’s a way of life.” Most of us will agree with her.

“Growing up on the East Coast on a sailboat with my Dad, I have a deep affinity for the saltiness of the sea and the fruit it bears. During my travels I have discovered beautiful, high quality fish in tins, jars, smoked and of course amazing local and fresh seafood. Being a New Englander is almost synonymous with the briny taste of steamed clams, the salty ocean taste of lobsters perfectly cooked, the creaminess of a local oyster and the natural sweetness of a Nantucket bay scallop. We are blessed to have such amazing seafood locally. I have long been fascinated by the many ways to enjoy these fruits of the sea. Hence, ‘Saltie Girl’ – reflecting a way of life and a passion for eating nature’s bounty! I hope to bring all these.”

When I visited, the oyster menu touted lots of local favorites like Standish Shores, Wellfleets, and Rocky Nooks from Kingston Bay, but you can’t discount those select Canadian offerings either. Get involved with the rest of the menu. There is something for every seafood appetite: towers, crudo, small and large plate options, smoke fish, toasts… YUM. It’s the perfect indulgence for a lunch date and a wander down Newbury.