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Whilst in Vancouver

Whilst in Vancouver

Duty calls for the real job! But there is always time for a few seafood joints along the way. Granville Island pit stop and Rodney's.

Pink Moon, Prince Edward Island

One of North Americas most northern oysters. Meaty and briny but finishes sweet. Delicious oyster liquor. Nice and light.

Royal Miyagi, Portland

I love the color in this shell. Mild brine and fruity, kiwi fruity!

Rodney's! Worth every minute.

One of the top spots in town for some of the west coast's best oyster finds.

The selection (above)

Sawmill Bay Beach Oysters, BC

Our faves today. It was like I sitting on your surfboard waiting for a wave. I'm allowed to say that because that's how I dream the west coast is like. Salt ratio was spot on. They only get them a few times a year when they're good. Thanks team Rodney for the succulent slurps. Great with an IPA.