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The Maiden, South Boston

The Maiden, South Boston

There is no place better to start this journey than my own local, The Maiden, Boston. The care this staff puts into their service and dishes is, in my opinion, the city's best kept secret. So, I'm working through my taste buds right now and didn't take any advice from the descriptions. These are my pure thoughts on the following oysters, and I'm cool if anyone disagrees because I'm starting anew at this.

Salten Rock, Barnstable, MA

Seaweed, smells strong, salty-salty... very high salinity is what I mean. Too acidic with squirt of lemon! Should only be slurped on their own because there is so much happening here in the flavor. My thinking: fucking hilarious, looks like a fingerling potato- skinny long shell.


Warren's Cove, Plymouth, MA

Buttery, meaty, sweet finish Would have been better with a Chardonnay Circular, round, smaller, pretty and quaint


Onset, Buzzards Bay, MA

Earthier, fuller, best with the sauv blanc. Dash of lemon was absolutely perfect My favs tonight. Wine: Babich Black Label 2014 Marlborough NZ $9/glass