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The Story of Nonesuch Oysters

The Story of Nonesuch Oysters

Nonesuch Oysters begin with a woman named Abigail Carroll, otherwise known as Maine's Oyster Lady (so fitting that I could catch her for a brief interview for the Lady Oyster!). I love how Abigail fell into oyster farming. Sometimes our destiny has a different idea for us, and so it did for this former Parisian urbanite and stock trader! I welcome you to view her TEDXYouth Talk below, and hunt out her oysters in her recommended spots!

We'd like to know the origins of Nonesuch Oysters. Where did it all begin? Why oysters?

Abigail: I am an accidental oyster farmer. I was helping someone else start a farm and then wound up with it. This TEDXYouth Talk I did tells the story:

What is one unique thing about Nonesuch that you would like to share with oyster consumers?

Abigail: Less is more. Our farm motto is “Nature works well when you let it.” We use only diploid spat - that’s natural spawning spat - and we accept more attrition with our Nonesuch free range oysters, but we set them free on the bottom as soon as humanly possible and that’s where the magic happens.

What's your favorite part of being an oyster farmer?

Abigail: Sharing what I’ve learned with others.

What should we expect when we eat a Nonesuch Oyster?

Abigail: Since we are located in a tidal estuary with ocean water filling our site at high tide and a fresher water coming down at low tide, our oysters have a lovely balance of brine and sweetness with a bright fresh finish with hints of grass, thanks to the grassy salt marsh that surrounds us!

Where can you find your oysters locally?

Abigail: Portland: Fore Street, Eventide, Harbor Fish Kennebunkport: David's, Earth at Hidden Pond Scarborough: Bayley’s Lobster