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Welcome to Lady Oyster

Welcome to Lady Oyster

This is me, and my dog Penny. I was born on the Eastern Shore in Maryland, and grew up in that beautiful, porous state for most of my life. I’d like to think of Marylanders as the closest thing to “water people” as they come. Our culture, our lifestyle, our food, our one million bridges, and our tax dollars are directly impacted by the life in the water. Oysters, blue crabs, old bay, corn on the cob and hush puppies, are so special to our state.

For this, I am sure my journey loving seafood started at a young age, where mom, on her way home, would pick up a jar of shucked oysters from the local diner, or some cream of crab from the pub, or the luxurious bushel from the side of the highway. Those memories remind me that the seafood culture is not only about the delicious flavors of the ocean, but the long chats with friends and family, and the delayed gratification of shucking or picking that delivers such little meat, but a sweet, sweet return of satisfaction.

I’ve travelled all over the world since then, lived in Taiwan, Spain and Brussels, and ventured into some of the most remote places in the world to hunt little shellfish and bivalves. I crave adventure, and the freedom to try; explore and grow.

I moved to Boston on July 4, 2014. New England, your coastlines, your sunrises, your people and your seafood are where the romance of my childhood and the destiny of my adulthood found a place to both reside. Boston, you’re my home.

This website is dedicated to exploring the plate in which those mollusks rest, out from the sea where they waded with the tide, then onto the icy half shell and into my mouth. Briny, lemony, meaty goodness.

Oysters, thank you for giving us humans the chance to truly sip the sea